You know that your self assessment has to be submitted and paid by 31st January every year right? And your year ends at the beginning of April, so you have 10 whole months to get your paperwork in order and submit your tax return, so why is it that year after year you are rummaging around your filing cabinet, folders or old shoe boxes looking for all your invoices and receipts in time to submit your return, praying that you’ll have enough saved up to actually make your payment.

Then there is the actual return itself and the HMRC portal….! Daunting, right?

I can take all the pain of doing your self assessment tax return away. From collating all your sales and purchase paperwork and ensuring your have claimed all the expenses correctly, including expenses for working from home, mileage and subsistence if appropriate to actually submitting the return on your behalf and answering all those indecipherable questions that HMRC likes to ask. I can even advise on a budget plan for you, so you will definitely have the money to pay what you owe and what HMRC calculates you may owe on account.

If you are struggling with your self assessment tax return, are not sure that you are claiming everything you could or just don’t understand what on earth HMRC are talking about then get in touch to find out how I can help.

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