It’s one thing to issue your invoices on time, but what happens when your clients don’t automatically pay up? I’ll tell you what happens… cash flow problems. Suddenly you don’t have the cash to pay your suppliers or your team! Nightmare! So on top of sending invoices (and recording expenses, and reconciling bank statements, and actually running your business) you also need to regularly chase up your invoice payments!

I can help with regular credit control, as well as chasing your overdue invoices, keeping on top of who is paying and when and sorting out any little discrepancies or queries. I will act in your business name, so your clients will not even be aware that you have outsourced this vital business process and you can be sure that the money you are owed will land in your bank account when it is due!

Most of your clients will just need a gentle prod, because perhaps their financial systems are quite as organised as yours, but if things go on too long I can craft polite, but firm communications to get those old debts paid and provide help and advice if things get complicated!

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